Poached Eggs, Kale and Cannellinis

by Brittany in ,


This is one of those whip  together in twenty minutes kind of meals that everyone should have a good stock pile of in the back of their minds.

  • ___ eggs (however many you want to eat)
  • a big bunch of kale
  • a shallot sliced in little rings (so pretty!)
  • maybe some garlic if you like
  • a few dashes of augustana bitters
  • a lemon squeezed on top
  • generously salted and peppered (kosher and freshly ground are best)
  • one can of cannellini beans (I always keep these on hand--from Trader Joe's)
  • ___ slices of toast (above are Udi's but whatever you like!)

While the water is boiling for the eggs, start heating up some olive oil in your cast iron skillet. Add the shallots and garlic and sauté till they are soft then add the kale and the liquids and put a nice heavy lid on top to squish down all that deliciousness. Meanwhile, your water should be boiling by now and you can crack your eggs straight into it. Don't forget about yours like I did...ideally they should be a bit oozy and meld together with the kale and soak into the bread. Once your eggs are in the water it will be time to add the beans sauté them a bit (by then the kale will have shrunk down enough so there will be space to do that). Make sure the beans get good and cooked... no one likes a bean straight from a can, or they won't after they've had them sautéed in olive oil and nicely salted! You may want to add another splash of olive oil, or you may not. The beauty of this meal is that it will just fall together however you like!

Now you are ready to eat pile it all on top of each other and eat up!