B and Chelle have known each other since they were eleven.  Over the years what started as a mutual acceptance of the other's existence has evolved into one of the best friendships. They've spent a year in France together, almost being kidnaped several times and making friends with what where most certainly a group of spies from an undisclosed country. They lived in Seattle in the best little apartment with a bright blue kitchen.They've been in each others weddings. They share the same genetic mutation (okay that one we didn’t really plan) and this beautiful blog helps them keep in touch as their lives move from city to city.

B has the ability to make any situation fun, any meal a fest, and any alley way an adventure. B and her man are happily married, living in Virginia. B is an expert at finding beauty in the most unexpected places. Her apartment encapsulates this quality – being decorated almost entirely from things she and the man have found in the alleyways of Chicago and Virginia. In another life B was a grifter – but these day is content to dress exclusively in chic black outfits, all thrift shop finds of only the best bargains, and speed read through any number of classics. She has Celica’s and two MTHFR genetic mutations, both of which shape many elements of her life, but neither of which detract from the beauty and quixotic moments document in this blog.


Chelle is a true artist, whether in photography, painting, or friendship.  She not only finds beauty but also creates it.  After traveling the world and living in Europe for a large part of her childhood Chelle currently lives in Seattle with her sweet husband Joel and their little ever so cute and clumsy cat, Penny. In the midst of figuring out several health issues and being recently diagnosed with one of the MTHFR genetic mutations she is excited to bring beauty, joy, creativity, and freedom into food preparation that has strict limitations.

All this to say every artist needs a someone to love to see and every seer of beauty needs someone to create that beauty--Chelle and B make a perfect team as far as that goes. This blog is the perfect place to both see and create beauty! It is an attempt to share the day to day moments of life that would otherwise be missed living so far apart. The things that make each day something to be savored and enjoyed, the meals made and share with friends. It's a place to share things, which shape and make our unique styles. It’s also a place for others who have similar health complications to find inspiration, beauty, and joy.We started this blog four years ago. Here are the first two years of our blog. Enjoy. 

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Photographers Note: 

Chelle's Photos: Chelle uses a Canon Rebel XS. This is a basic SLR but great for travel and portraits. It's light, easy to pack, and takes exceptional pictures.  She shoots with a Canon EF 24 mm f/2.8 Lens for wide angle shots. This lens is small and light. It is an inexpensive option for great wide-angle shooting.  She uses the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II for portraits. This lens is her favorite. It is very sharp, great with natural light, and easy to use for blog projects.  Editing in done with Lightroom 3, which gets the job done just fine. 

B's Photos: B and her man just bought a new camera! B has the ability to capture the everyday moments of life that can be forgotten or go unseen, because no one knows to look for them. They are lovely and a breath of fresh air. She is also fascinated with light and you’ll see that theme in both her writing and her photos. 


In His light we see light

Psalm 36:9