Midnight Bus to NYC

by Brittany


1. My first tips ever were well spent on the pay what you can Friday night admission to the Guggenheim... I have wanted to go there for years now and it was stunning. I loved the grey dove of an old lady here, venturing through the garish crowds to see her affordable art. 2. As hoped, we spent a good long time just sitting in Washington Square Park. 3. The family across from us evidently had been there awhile too, judging by the lady who is simply doing her makeup at the fountain-side! 4. Glorious rushing busy-ness! 5. Also as hoped, sitting in Bryant Park in the middle of the night... lit like day. There was a Shakespeare play going on... we mostly treated it like background noise for our portraits. The only picture of all four of us together that's fit for the blog (there are some after a great night out... we all look a bit crazy though... ok maybe I'll show you one...). 6. Night sky and some people burning the midnight oil high above the park. 7. The best view of Time's Square is upward. 8. Near Wall Street. 9. The streets in the Financial District were eerily quiet on the Sunday before Labor Day. So tall and shadow-y and empty. 10. And steamy.... 11-13. Our favorite New York restaurant, Moto. I even sucked up my extreme dislike for Brooklyn to go here. Thankfully it's directly below a M line stop so we didn't have to trudge through too much of Brooklyn. Such a weird place. Kind of like a college campus because everyone is the same age. But all that to say, Cafe Moto is worth every bit of the hike. 14. Our friends Chris and Sarah, came all the way from Chicago to spend the weekend with us there. And Sarah had no idea that they were going anywhere, no less NYC, until they got to the airport and didn't know we were there until they walked through the door of the Airbnb we stayed in! In fact, she thought we had moved to NY and hadn't told her!

*for the record, Sarah was wearing a dress... it just didn't make it into frame. I have no idea what Jesse is doing and I also cannot explain my hand. Thankfully Sarah and Chris seem to be straight-forwardly in love.