12 Aluminum Free Deodorants

by Chelle

Every three years or so I freak out and remember that there's some sort of link between antiperspirant and every terrible disease you've heard of, then I do the math and think well the past 14 years of use has probably already sealed my fate. But just to be safe, I switch to some all natural "deodorant" which never fails to leave me smelling like.. well someone who's not wearing deodorant.

This time, I reached out to the source of all knowledge, Instagram. You might laugh. But honestly, it's where I go for all my best advice. I know it's full of friends who are far more specialized in making healthy choices, doing their research, and reading Amazon reviews.

After receiving an overwhelmingly amount of very helpful feedback, I decided I'd save you the trouble of searching around the interwebs, and put all this helpful feedback in one place. I trust each of these women and would consult most of them before most major purchases, health decisions, supplements, elimination diets, and to get a glass of rosé (unfortunately, due to one of my elimination diet I'm currently not drinking, but you get the point.)

I'm not going to tell you which one I chose because each lady has already done all the background research, bought the duds, and ended up with one they love. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it already (I haven't) the reason this is helpful is because these aluminum-free deodorants will cost between $12-$15, so it's hard to do trial and error with so much on the line!

From Tori

I recently tried magnesium oil- you dilute it with water 50/50 and can add a drop of essential oil if you want.... The problem I haven't solved is that it burns if I use it after shaving - which in the summer is pretty often... I'm sure everyone responds to it differently so maybe it wouldn't bother you. But you should at least read about it!

From Allison: 

Soapwalla - I would use this again.


Stonegrass Farms Pit Paste - the last few weeks I've not liked it as much...not sure if it's the baking soda or chafing with the humidity or what. But I do like it overall. Plus mason jar container!


From Katie

Toms of Maine 


From Alex

We have tried them all and PiperWai wins! It is completely worth the price.


From Carlyn

I am late to this party, but I just bought  PiperWai this week, and it's seriously the best product out there.


From Lindsey

Meow Meow Tweet has an awesome deodorant cream. Their stick one didn't work as well, but I like the cream.


From Chelsea

I second the suggestion of Meow Mewo Tweet !! The baking soda free one with grapefruit is my favorite and the only thing that doesn't make me smell worse... It's cream in a jar, but I love it.


From Ashley

I use Lavanila Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla. I've tried so many, and it works best for me. Smells great. It's cheaper on Amazon.


From Cheryl

Try Native Deodorant


From Dana

Try Native Deodorant!


From B

Speick Natural is a German one, and it works amazingly well. Like... Nothing else works for me, and I've sunk so much money into deodorant. Plus it's a beautiful glass bottle.


From Emily

You should try Schmidt's  I've been using them for over a year and really like their products!


From Tracey

I love Primal Pit Paste! I've been using it for a couple of years and had no complaints!


From Laura

I love this kind. It smells good but not sickening. And it won't kill you! And it's made in Minneapolis. Herban Cowboy.