Tea drinking business

by Chelle


It's been a long time coming, but fall has finally reached Seattle. Changing leaves aside you would have thought it was August last Sunday - I lounged in the sun for twenty ish minutes and got a bit of a burn. But my last two morning jaunts to Starbucks (sadly tis the only coffee shop in walking distance from the homestead) have left me chilled to the bone and happy to have a hot beverage in tow for the stroll home. Also the 9 month grey has set in and things look decidedly gloomy. But I most certainly know fall has arrived because I just put the kettle on for tea this afternoon - and I generally only call upon My. Grey ( as in the good old Earl) when all hopes of summer are dashed and tea and a cozy chair seem far more appealing than any attempt at outdoor enjoyment. So cheers dear. Hope you're nursing your cold with some of the same.