on becoming ambidextrous

by Chelle

I find it pretty funny that my last post was about being thankful and writing lists. Since then I carved a pumpkin, nearly taking out my pinky and ring finger on my right hand, went to the ER, then two orthopedics, then surgery. 

Apparently I don't handle anesthesia I was throwing up when I came to. Now my hand is in a cast for the next 6 weeks or something. Thankfully not only did I cut two tendons, but also cut a nerve so not much pain yet.

People have been so thoughtful and kind. Heath has driven me to all my medical stuff and waited for hours in ugly waiting rooms, buying me gatorade and working from my house so I'm not alone, Callie has been cooking and is great company, Lindsey and the girls dropped off dinner for me last night and are taking me to get my hair washed, and the Conrads brought me lunch - pizza my favorite!

I now need people in a way I haven't before. Learning to ask for and accept help is hard. I also have a whole new appreciation for people in wheel chairs. 

New goal: write with my left hand!

I'm writing to you on pain meds so don't expect much from this post. Have so much fun with your mama! Love and miss you b!