Public Transportation

by Chelle

My day off adventure started with  leaping onto a train last minute hoping it was going in the right direction. For once it was. Public transportation feels exactly like Russian Roulette. I have no confidence that I will arrive at my desired destination, regardless of the four passengers, one conductor, and sign confirming the destination on the front of the train which assure me I am headed in the right direction. I never ceased to be amazed when I end up in the desired destination. Today's location, downtown Heidelberg. 

Sun. Clouds. Downpour. It was almost like Seattle except as soon as the rain started everyone ran for cover and waited for the deluge to stop. Then umbrellas everywhere. Seattleites would have been disgusted. Unlike Seattle, the rain was gone in a few minutes and the emptied streets quickly filled. 

 A little over confidant after the mornings success with public transport, I began to wander down allies and off into side streets. I didn't make any startling discoveries, nor was my life endangered in any way. It was fairly uneventful. But I did get some really good shots as I meandered around and was able to play around with light settings. 

So my conclusion. Public transport will always be a game of chance and I will continue to leap on to trains last minute hoping they are going the right direction. I may need to change this mode of operation at some point, but for the moment - it'll do. When it works - a nice day of photos and window shopping (well semi-window shopping) and when it fails ... a better story for you. 

The End.