Flower Picking Days

by Chelle

Perhaps someday I will have a garden. For the moment I'm lucky if I can keep a basil plant alive for a week. The problem tends to be too much love - I drown them because surely they must be thirsty. Then, because I have been too vigilant, the next one dies of thirst. So for the moment these german flower  fields are just the ticket.

The complete trust in the honesty of humanity is so refreshing - maybe not the best for business. However, it must work because these flower picking places are everywhere. The farmers provide knives to cut the flowers and leave a tin can for you to put your € 0.70 a flower. 

The flowers changer, right now there are sun flowers and gladioli, soon there will be dahlias. Summer is full of fresh bouquets. The fields are so bright it's hard to drive past without stopping for a fresh bunch. All this to say, though I would someday like to hone my gardening skills beyond the sickly basil plant at the kitchen sink, these flower fields will do just fine for the moment.