The art of living beautifully

by Chelle

At some point in time vanity and beauty became equals in my mind. I thought that if someone was beautiful that implied they were vain. For several years I was adement about not being vain, but also always felt very uncomfortable about maintaining an unkempt appearance- almost as much work a "kempt" one. 

Then I discovered Audrey Hepburn. There are so many lovely things about her, but one of my favorite things is the way people talk about her. People naturally light up when they mention  her name. Yes, she was a beautiful woman. But that isn't what people focus on. They talk about her radiance, grace, kindness, poise, and yes they do adore her style. Audrey was so careful in how she presented herself. She enjoyed fashion. But vain is never used in the same sentence as her name. 

I could go on about Mrs. Hepburn all day, but for the moment will focus on the lesson I pulled from her beauty. There is a difference between caring and obsessing. One cultivate beauty and the other creates vanity.

The purpose of this blog is to cultivate beauty but never create vanity. It's a joy to be able to savor the things that make life picturesque, and a shame to let beauty mutate into vanity. So as you read, please enjoy! Know that that the desire is not for the perfect party, outfit, or creative project, but an appreciation of the ability to create, enjoy, notice, and savor these things.