Casmir Pulaski Day

by Brittany

Every trip has a song. You and I used to plan it in the days before we had all our music at our fingertips. I still get excited when I hear all the Italy songs...and remember picking them out together in Hotel Medusa in Milan...and how only your songs showed up on the cd. Funny how that worked...


Well here is the song from our last camping trip. This was definitely not depressing would that be? (listen to it) It came on shuffle while we were driving and we both stopped talking to listen...then we listened again and again trying to pick out all the words and figure out what it means. We've always liked it...the music itself is hauntingly beautiful...but something about the song also reminds us of when we were dating. We both came to this conclusion separately and it's not grounded in the words at all so we dont know why but there it is!

Ok stop reading and listen to it!

I love how redemptive this song throughout the song he's not cheapening death and leaving it at death but rather pointing to Life! notice the last verse:

"All the glory when he took our place/ But he took my shoulders and he shook my face/ and he takes and he takes and he takes"

At first glance (or listen) it just seems despairing, like he's angry at God for taking her...all God does is takes! But he starts this verse with Jesus taking our place! The first part of the song he is re-living the things he regrets in their relationship, things he cannot change or take back both because she is dead and because you just can't take those things back, they must be paid for. He pulls it all together here, realizing they are all paid for. Jesus not only took her but he also takes all our sins on himself. He has paid the price by which we are given Life! And that is all the glory that the Lord has made! He also isn't about to cheapen death, so he chooses not to explain but just to admit "the complications when I see his face." He doesn't know how God can be sovereign here but there is no doubt that he is.  

On a side note I love how He uses the refrain "all the glory that the Lord has made," and how Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus "is the radiance of the glory of God."  It kind of makes this song about Light! (I'll find it in everything...)