What to read next

by Chelle

After your text the other day about getting your apartment ready for another Chicago winter I started to think about additions to my room - one day I'll have an apartment again but for now the room is good enough- and things that would make it happy this winter. I remember you saying you wanted to fill a room with pillows once. So my new dream for fall/winter 2012 is a corner full of pillows and blankets with a little lamp, coffee rester (not a table exactly but somewhere to put my cup) and a pile of books. So I started with the books. They can now sit in the empty corner I have cleared, waiting to be pillow-full... pictures to come, when I find the rest!


One Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp 

  • Two people have suggested I read this. It's been summarized as a book about learning to enjoy everyday life by being thankful, but apparently it requires a box of tissues within the first chapter. I'll let you know how it goes. 

French Kids Eat Everything- Karen Le Billion 

  • Par usual, I'm a sucker for any book about French culture. It's so superior to all others. Anyway after reading Bringing up Bebe amazone insisted I would love this book. I think you will too! 

A Return to Modesty- Wendy Shalit  

    • This was recommended in the Nylon article I mentioned earlier this week. The girl who wrote it was 23 when it was published - just like us. I'm interested to see where she takes it.

Pincher Martin: The Two Deaths of Christopher Martin - William Golding 

  • This is for my book club. I have no idea what it's about so I shall google it right now... ah, well it's a survival story about a man on an island. Let's see how it goes. Oh well I made the boys read ... wait no, I haven't chosen a girly book yet. (I should mention my book club consists of me, Gina, and two chaps from church).