singing my lungs out

by Chelle


I've been meaning to tell you this story for a few days. It makes me smile each time I think of it. Heath -my brother- and I have a long standing tradition of karaoke on Thursday nights. We go with a few of his co-workers and it's a pretty fun time. People know us now, and they know to expect Heath's renditions of some song by The Killers, and Ryan's generally amazing performance of whatever he sings. I ,however, tend to sit in the background, soaking it all in, chatting, and going up for the occasional group version of Toto's Africa. I've always dreamed of going up there and knocking off everyone's socks with an amazing song. That's never happened. 

But last week I decided I had to go big or go home. So yes, I went BIG and chose Mama Cassis' Dream a Little Dream, which is one of my all times favorites, and the second record I bought after purchasing my record player last year. 

I got up there and as soon as I started singing realized I'd made a terrible mistake. So I did what I always do, made myself look as adorable as possible, tried to stop my shaking hands, and belted it out. You can't whisper that song, it just doesn't work. I ran back to my seat, hoping everyone had been distracted for the past three minutes. But good old Maurice the bar tender came over and said, " Sweetie can I talk to you girl friend to girl friend?" Realizing I had no escape I nodded and prepared myself to be asked never to return. "You just have an amazing voice, and you just gotta sing girl! You don't let anyone tell you any different."

I almost started laughing. I knew it was a sympathy visit, but it made my night, and made me laugh. What a gem. So Maurice this ones for you! 

The End