fall fashion night out and things of that nature

by Chelle

Tonight Tori and I went to Bellevue with some friends for the Fall Fashion Night Out. Anthropologie was having a fashion show, we caught the last lady walking down the runway and enjoyed some complimentary chocolates. Later we headed back to Ballard and had dessert at the cutest place called Hot Cakes. This place will get it's own blog post one day, it's just amazing! 

I suppose it is fall now. Time to work on some fun fall projects. There has been a common theme in my last few blog posts- Tori and pretty dresses and things- but never fear with fall here I shall begin to explore the culinary joys of squash, find some delicious warm spicy drink ideas, and keep you posted on any upcoming adventures.

Here are our outfits for the evening. We had fun snapping these pics in Tori's back yard before heading out tonight. This is the Gatsby dress I was telling you about. I just love it! Thank goodness for thrift stores - even though this particular store was pretty overpriced I think it was worth it! 

Love you and miss you B! So glad I got to see you for a minute while you were in Seattle