Nomadic Messes

by Brittany

We are just starting our last week here in Los Angeles... we are trying to sell our car (hopefully that will happen tomorrow!!) and making travel plans for getting to the other coast with a stop over in the middle to see our Chicago peoples! 

Lately I've been looking at Mieke Verbijlen's beautiful interior photography and wishing we were back in our beautiful (styled by us) apartment rather than our not so beautiful (styled by someone else) Airbnb. But what I really appreciate about her work is how she captures her friend's homes exactly as they are... mess, people living in them and all. It's much more of a "storybook" style interior photography.... and as you know storybook is the highest praise coming from me!

So here is the place we are staying...complete with the piles of clothes that are inevitable when one lives out of a suitcase (or in Jesse's case, a backpack), piles of books due to no internet and my speed reading habits, pink tiles that most people have torn out by now, no counter space, and literally mountains of clay and plaster. Our host is a graduate student in art school.... There is one narrow walkway that is actually supposed to be the living room but due to the layers of furniture (shelves, then tables, then boxes stacked right up against each other) it's approximately four feet wide!!

We love traveling around but there comes a point when you just can't wait to slide a cake into your own oven and sit around your own little table drinking your own homemade coffee and frothy cashew milk! And, at just the right time, we want all that!