by Chelle


For the second time in a row I deleted an entire post. You'd think I would learn. I'm now  in a very un-writy frame of mind. Well I'm just going to have to deal with it. Note to self: SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!  Just keep in mind this is my second go round.

I do remember our box full of mugs! Whenever there was a big holiday I'd go into Starbucks the week after and buy one of the seasonal mugs I'd been eyeing. Then there were those French mugs, I don't now how they made it through a year in France, the ride home in my suitcase, and the 4 moves since then. But they're sitting in Mom and Dad's garage waiting for the day I have my own kitchen shelf ... or any kitchen shelf.... to put them on.

After you and I moved to Seattle I remember wanting to find a coffee shop. It seemed like what you were supposed to do. And you found it! And then we didn't tell anyone where that coffee shop was. It took 6 months of hard work but we finally became regulars- and I think I started to feel at home in Seattle. The irony is that Joel was going to that coffee shop all the while we were keeping it secret and now he and I go there every Sunday morning. 

Tonight Joel and I are sitting in a coffee shop in Ballard typing away on our computers. It's become a new Monday night thing. We go to a coffee shop and work. At first I'd bring about 10 million things and sit next to Joel squirming uncontrollably because I couldn't decide what to work on. Now I bring two things and end up feeling quite accomplished by the end of the evening. The more important part of Monday nights is inviting friends. Last week four of our friends came along and we all worked on various blogs, websites, editing, writing and reading projects- all the things we put off doing in real life. Great way to get all us Seattleites out on dark, rainy, fall evenings, when some of us might just be tempted to stay at home curled up with a cat and a book. Instead I'm sitting in a coffee shop with friends, writing a blog post, and editing pictures.