A fun Fall

by Chelle

At the beginning of August I decided September would signal the start of blogging season. It seemed like a good idea, as fall would be just around the corner and I could tell you all about cozy coffee shops, warms boots, and wumpfy scarves. All I could see were pictures of pumpkin patches - even after the great pumpkin carving accident of 2012-  and after working my first adult job without a summer break, I was needing some form of vacation. But that hiatus is over and I couldn't be happier to be back. September is finally here and with it my promise of more regular updates. 

Photo Credit: Joel 

Photo Credit: Joel 

Where will I start? One of my favorite things. The fall closet. I've thought about leather jackets for quite some time. I even bought a fake one several years ago. But even after my cute little black zip up pleather moment, I kept seeing it. Dark brown, side zip, smelled like heaven (or dead cow depending on how you see the world), and I just resigned myself to that fact that it'd always be something I'd think about.  Then Joel bought me an adorable little sun dress that didn't fit. We went to return it and there hanging on the sale rack was my jacket. And it was the same price as the cute little dress. So Joel -unintentionally but totally on purpose because he made me try it on and told me to get it- bought me the dream jacket. 


So this fall it's brown and black with pattern accents. Brown boots, brown jacket, black pants.... Something about the "not supposed to" -ness of this makes me do it all the more. As fall continues I'm on the hunt for some cozy wool sweaters, a few good beanies (my hair is finally beanie approved length) and a mustard wool scarf.  Oh and did I mention the budget. So appreciating what I have and making do! That's the goal!