Charming is another way of saying...

by Chelle

Some call would call it charming. Wood floors, creaky doors, a claw foot tub. I'd be in that bunch. Then I moved it. Suddenly it became a hazard to my health. The breeding ground of black mold. I could feel it slowly seeping into my body and destroying my very core. And then I realized I was being a bit dramatic and before jumping to any conclusions I should try to identify the problem. After about two minutes of serious thinking I've found it. DUST. No matter how many times I sweep the next day there is a pile twice as large hiding in the exact same corner. 

So this is a post to those who have wooden floors that seem to soak up any bit of dust. You're not alone. This is a cry for help. A call to action. A safe place to share how you deal with your dust. 

My current solution: the good old hot water, murphy's oil, and a mop. It sounds labor intensive but it really just takes five minutes. I do an initial sweep to get the larger offenders and let the bucket fill with hot water. I add a capful of murphy's oil. Then I mop the entire place. It smells clean and fresh and I stop sneezing for the evening. 

This is just one of the many quirks of the new place but I wanted to write about it as I've never encountered such stubborn, persistent dust. So if you struggle with dust, no you're not alone! Also if you have any ideas of what to do please share your wisdom!