an ordinary day

by Chelle


making: Well, a blog post. And before that dinner. And before that money. By working. Which we have to do. Which limits my ability to make the things I'd love to make. But that's okay. 

seeing:  The West Wing Season Two. I told Joel I didn't want to watch it. But then we watched The Newsroom.  They have the same director - Aaron Sorkin. And I mean two week and we're on season two. So I suppose I like it.  To be fair I was sick last week - that's prime power through several seasons on Netflix TV times. 

tasting:  Rachelle style nations. That means goat cheese and no spice. Poor Joel. But at least I try to like mexican food. 

hearing:  The rain. It was the first rainy fall day and my shoes were soaked during lunch time when I ran out for a few minutes. 

feeling:   So sleepy. But so happy to be at home. It's warm and cozy and I can't wait for you to see the place 

reading:  I'm flipping through Quantity Cookery by Nola Treat and Lenore Richards, a goodwill find from last week. It was first published in 1922. I found the 1949 version. I've linked to a free kindle copy on Amazon. It's full of charts, weights, and ratios. It opens with the following:

Well-balanced and appropriate menus are necessary to the success of any establishment serving food. Given the best of raw materials and the most competent cooks, the institutional manager will fail to please his patrons if his menus show lack of careful planning. On the other hand, successful menu planning is not especially difficult. Like any other art it requires careful study and observance of a few simple rules...

1. The nature of the institution; its purpose; the character of its patronage.
2. Dietetic principles.
3. The necessity for constant variety in the food choices offered.
4. Temperature, weather, season and holidays.
5. The limitations imposed by equipment, the number and skill of the employees, the range of cost, the leftovers and the speed of service.

I always get overwhelmed by cooking for large groups of people so I bought this book to learn. I thought it was just large crowds but it's for restaurants. But that's besides the point. 

So these nachos:

Your choice of meat (pulled pork or chicken)  


Goat Cheese 



Salsa (Trader Joe's Corn and Chile Salsa

Avocados (chopped into chunks)  

1 can of Black Beans

1 can of Corn 

Get a cookie sheet and cover it with foil. Lay chips out and sprinkle meat, beans, corn, tomatoes, and goat cheese over the chips. Place in the oven on broil for 10 minutes but keep an eye on them, they cook fast. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with avocados and cilantro. Serve with sour cream and salsa.