Sunny, Hazy, Indolent Seductiveness

by Chelle

I am actually contemplating spraying this scent on the screen. Lean in and smell it. I'm sure you can. A sweet summer mix of jasmine darkened for the fall with a hint of spice.  The I phone 7 will  definitely have the ability to send scents, but until then I'll just tell you all about it. 

Oh my goodness B I hit the jack pot on this one. I have been running out of my perfume since May, but caught in the indecision of what to. Stick with my signature J’adore which I’ve loved for the last few years,  or boldly go out and choose a completely new smell that says “watch out world her I come a sassy, sophisticated, wifey.” (That's the persona I've adopted of late, I'm becoming pretty attached.) 

These are the questions I brood over for months- it keeps my mind from spirit when I see the headlines. Anyway I was walking through Nordstrom – I know I know so expensive but I really do feel like you have to buy perfume at a department store. It’s just one of the rites of passage.

Meandering around the perfume department trying to look like I knew exactly what I was doing I was quickly spotted by a sales person. My heart fell. I deeply dislike the pressure of these encounters. Scrambling to to figure out what exactly it was I was doing there I looked around and spotted the prettiest label I’d ever seen. French. Black and white. Diptyque. Oh my goodness this could be it. I quickly asked for the story of this brand. You’ll love this. In the 1960’s some Britts went over to France and started making candles. Apparently this company makes THE candle- who knew. But as they went on in their candle making careers they realized they were pretty good at the whole making good smelling things. So hey presto perfume.  The story was a lot more whimsical than that. I said “I’d like something like J’adore but a little different.” And I walked away with the first sent she suggested. Don’t get me wrong I tried five others but she was spot on. 

When I took it home and opened the box the cutest little book tumbled out. I have to read... write you what it said: 

diptyque is a house of original works, symbolized by a balance between rigor and whims, an insatiable appetite for exquisite raw materials, precious details, refinement and originality. Entrusted to the master craftsmanship of creators who share the same, sensitivities, these fragrances tell the tales of unforgettable moments, places around the world, their different cultures and colors, and poetically reinvent a sublime rendition of nature. A journey. We allow ourselves to be surprised and seduces by this collection.

had chosen Do Son Eau de Parfum which " asserts itself, expressing all its sunny, hazy, creamy, indolent seductiveness." Perfect!