Adventure days

by Chelle

I had the best surprise the other day. We were sitting down for book club- yes good old book club- minus one member, Gina. She started the book club about two years ago, but generally attends via emails as she lives in Paris. I sat down with my coffee and had just started talking when someone sat down at the only empty chair at the table. My initial thought was, " How rude, who would do that," and I turned to see Gina. I may or may not have burst into tears. Glad to know that's my go to reaction for everything. Needless to say she is home and I am very pleased!

Anyway the fantastic four- the afore mentioned book club- headed out on an adventure bright and early this morning. One of the goals of today was for Gina and I to learn a little more about Seattle public transportation. I rode the 7:30 bus, Callie's work bus. Her stop was a few before mine, but it was reassuring to have her right there for most of the way. Made it to Pioneer Square - a little sketch- and coffee for all. 

Had such a fun day walking around Seattle. Here are some snap shots from the day. I can now feel a little more confident approaching the public transport of Seattle.