All Pictures... maybe some words

by Chelle

1. The door knobs are so old and lovely. This one looks a bit green as the bathroom is currently an unsavory key lime pie green, however this fall that shall change! 2. Joel's parents gave me this chair as a wedding gift. It was made in Paris in the 1940's. It's like a story book only furniture 3. LOVE love LOVE my dutch oven! It's so much fun to cook in and makes everything taste like a secret recipe 4. We are the proud owners (or at least renters) of a claw foot tub. 5. Joel found this box in Mexico and then bought me a French flag for the apartment so it'd feel more like home 6. Old school light switches, they make turning the lights on so much more fun 7. I've never actually had a moscow mule, but the cups are just so lovely! One day I'll make them, but until then I enjoy sipping water from these copper beauties.