Apartment Dwelling

by Brittany

As soon as I saw this building I pulled over and started taking pictures... Los Angeles is so big it wasn't likely I would see it again so it had to be done then. It has to be one of the most idyllically designed buildings I have ever seen. I like that it fits perfectly in Southern California and yet I can't actually think of a city here in the states that it would be out of place in. For that matter, I'm pretty much banking on there being this exact building in London someday. And I will live in it on the top floor and climb up that fire escape to the rooftop garden and plant in the pots (over and over cause they will probably die) and drink my morning coffee at that little table on sunny mornings and next to the rounded wall of windows watching the rain drops race down the panes on rainy afternoons. And my evening g&t (I really need to figure out where to get quinine so I can make my own tonic... anyone have ideas? I believe it's called cinchona bark at supplement stores...) on the fire escape with Jesse. I particularly love that opened window that is etched in the far right there...

I mean... the red steps!! For anyone in Los Angeles this was somewhere along 8th street between Koreatown and Downtown. I really should have noticed the address but who can be bothered by that when you have this to photograph?!

We have talked before about apartment living and the unique challenges of making a rented space your own. I really do love the flexibility of renting... especially as we tend to move a lot it's fun to have new and different styles of places to flex my interior styling skills in. Lately several of our friends (including my brother and sister and law) have bought houses and it seems like such a huge step! I'm very excited for them and can't wait to see the beautiful things they do with their homes (that is a huge advantage of owning...)--my brother is incredibly skilled at woodworking and making the drabbest seeming houses into these things of unexpected beauty. Check out their new place on my sister in law's blog and see their progress! 

But all that said, for Jesse and I right now, I couldn't be happier renting teensy tiny apartments. Renting studios is a bit like writing poetry rather than writing prose.... every bit has to count. It's a very serious business to curate the details!