August Heat

by Brittany

1. The laundry room is nice and I love the filtered light streaming in. 2. too hot to do much else... also we (our airbnb host actually) got an eviction warning for having us there so we tend to hide out in the bedroom where we won't be able to hear anyone who may knock! 3. again in the laundry room... I love empty chairs. I had a big problem collecting too many of them in Chicago. Now I try to just photograph them instead of schlep them home. (the things studio living has taught me!!) 4. A good picture of happy married life... reading side by side. (He is actually reading most of the time that it looks like he's on his phone) 5. also we play lots of cards, still! And drink gin cocktails and Newcastle respectively. And my mom brought me a beautiful copy of Finnegan's Wake... and Jesse openly laughed at me when I stated I intended to read it. And justly so.... what a joke. Anyways we are now reading it aloud to each other and laughing at it .... and mocking it. Although it does sound nice reading aloud. Jesse meticulously pronounces each word whereas I read it quickly and fluently and skip some/many syllables. My reading makes more sense. It sums up our general reading styles too.... he reads slowly and probably gets much more out of (normal) books but I definitely have him beat in sheer volume. It's something I've noticed about english majors.... we non english majors tend to read way more... I think it has something to do with reading for pleasure instead of school. School kills natural delights. 6. And the last view of our car! say goodbye! She is acing her smog test... we discovered after trying to sell her for a week that the reason no one was buying her was due to California's ridiculous emissions standards and they were all convinced that there was no way an '89 Lincoln could pass. HA. We showed them. The '80s was a great decade for cars. The greatest. I was weeping openly in the coffee shop looking at '90s-present cars. They repulse me. Sorry Jesse. 

So Chelle! Here are all the reasons for my radio silence this past week! I hope your week is treating you like a champ! Also let's see more apartment details! I am so thrilled that you moved into a light filled place. Darkness is the worst.

I am kind of in (platonic) love with this man: The Brazilian guy who is buying all the records in the world. His listening library is such a beautiful plan!! I hope to go someday. Also I want to work for him. Maybe in May we'll move to Brazil. I have such a lot to say about collections that I should probably save for another post. So more later!

xo, B