Baby Sister

by Brittany


This sweet, spunky girly is so so sick right now... she could really use some prayers. Not only does she have celiac disease but she just got diagnosed with fructose malabsorption. This means that on top of not being able to eat any gluten whatsoever she cannot eat a whole lot of fruits and sweeteners. We are all so sad for her right now but she does have the advantage of having a whole year and a half of learning how to check everything before she eats it and all that fun stuff. Nevertheless, she is so little! It just breaks my heart.

Please be praying for her as tomorrow my mom goes to a class to learn what Gilly can and can't eat and it all gets real. They got the tests results a little over a week ago but being as it was Christmas and they hadn't had the class yet they decided to let her not worry about the new restrictions. This picture that my mom sent me sums up how she feels a whole lot of the time and how she's feeling tonight(above). Doesn't that just break your heart?? 

I know from having celiac and a severe dairy allergy myself somewhat of how she's feeling... you're in so so much pain and totally afraid to eat anything but all at the same time you're faint from hunger. It's the worst. It's especially hard around holidays or anytime you go to someone's house and they are sweet enough to try and cook for you but there is just no way they can be careful enough.