British Beer and the KGB

by Brittany

making: Does editing photos count as making? Also all morning I've been hard at work curating a new Pandora station (A Sufjan one.... I'm quite proud of it's all about the thumbs down).

seeing: ....well the screen...

smelling: the detangler in my hair.... I sprayed it in then never got around to brushing it...

tasting: spoonfuls of cashew butter...left here by my mom!

hearing: "Leaves in the River" by Sea Wolf... a real storybook song

feeling: sad for my old church, Mars Hill.... so sad.

reading: "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath but I'm reserving the right to not finish it if it becomes too depressing to me. 

loving: seeing Jesse's empty beer next to me. And that Newcastle Brown Ale is his favorite ...cause, you know, it's British, and darkish, smells good, has a well designed label and great advertising!

watching: The Americans.... it's a weird show to recommend....which is probably why not many people makes me like the KGB a bit too much for Jesse's comfort. He reminds me regularly why that's a bad idea and that the Cold War is the not so distant past and that just cause I like Putin's name doesn't make him a good guy. So bearing all that in mind, it's a gorgeous show! So stunningly well filmed, casted, costumed and styled. And calmly yet remorselessly intense (I know those are all contradictory but they are all true!).

anticipating: being in Chicago in one week! And seeing my not so baby boys! And all our other friends there and our church! And, you know, Chicago...