Chia Beaches, Sardinia

by Brittany


And we're back on line! We've been a bit quiet here on the European front because, well, so many reasons. First we missed our flight off of Sardinia and were stuck in an internet-less airport. Literally no internet. We had to take the train back into town to find, book and print boarding passes for a new flight... to Dusseldorf instead of Paris... at an internet cafe. Such a crazy 48 hours (little example: the internet cafe that we spent an hour and a half at finding a flight only to realize they don't have a printer! Ryanair has this crazy money making scheme for themselves where they will charge you 75 euros if you forget to print your boarding pass). After sleeping in the internet-less airport we made it to Germany rented a car and then got to drive to Paris! Honestly, aside from the massive amounts of money lost, it was one of the best parts of the trip so far! We drove through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and finally France. We are now completely smitten with Holland and will be saving our pennies so we can go back there.  

Anyways... the rest of this time we've been with people and been pretty busy so thats my only excuse. 

And now the long promised beach pictures!! This beach was about two hours outside of Cagliari, the town we were in... we were able to hitch a ride to the beaches with our flatmates, the Lithuanians (so convenient)! 


These colors are in their unedited glory... and this is the secret cove we discovered by scrambling up the cliff on one side of the beach!