Christmas Tree

by Brittany

After church this morning we grabbed one of our friends and ran to one flower shop in Logan Square where I got the newest Kinfolk Magazine and a few paperwhite bulbs then we met her fiance at our place and walked over to the another flower shop in Humboldt Park and got our Christmas tree! Weasels!


Turns out we are very efficient tree shoppers...the first one we touched was the one for us! And the young boy who was helping his dad at the shop was very obliging and took a photo for us...he's not bad, is he?!


About the coon skin hat... all the boys got them as a prank for Ceddie's wedding last week. They hid them in a bush during the ceremony and all wore them while exiting. It was pretty badass. And Jesse's been wearing his ever since. I'm not complaining...its pretty dang attractive. We'll just be the crazy hat people I guess.