Clothelines and Coldbrew: a celebration of the everyday

by Brittany

I have seen this kind of post on a few blogs (especially a friend from Chicago's blog, thanks Kirsten!) and I was stuck at home with no internet yesterday so I scribbled this up (after trying to edit photos but ending up watching that swirly rainbow swirl on my computer till the battery died... ya... I was suuuuper productive. Oh and then I fell asleep waiting for my phone to charge. Some days are better than others).

Making: coldbrew, fennel salad and plum gin cocktails (both in jars for "happy hour" at the park)

Seeing: tops of palm trees, tops of skyscrapers, orange and fig trees (not ripe sadly)

Smelling: ripe fruit (we need to eat that before the fruit flies come!), pesto sausages

Tasting: ice tea (NOT sweet tea...gag)

Hearing: Coeur de Pirate, sizzling sausages, air conditioner unit, two week old baby crying across the stairs, old lady cleaning a cast iron skillet in next apartment (lots of sounds around's a very lived in building)

Reading: "Right Ho, Jeeves" --growing up the boys and I watched the Masterpiece Theatre series with Hugh Laurie and Stephan Fry... I'm pretty sure they used the books word for word. So much fun to read and have Hugh Laurie's voice in my head. 

Watching: Welcome to Sweden--this is excellent so far! Besides being gorgeous (scenery, design, etc), it basically feels like your watching the product of Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza hanging out over a bottle of wine (or maybe whiskey?). I don't know if Aubrey has any contribution besides acting but it definitely sounds like her. This reminds me! The past two weeks we've gone to the weekly free Asscat show just a little ways down the street from us... so much fun (once we're in... the hour and a half wait in line is a bit grueling. We stood in line three weeks in a row and only saw the show twice. Very popular. Very.)

Anticipating:  more "happy hours" in the park (perfect for end of summer budget...) we went last night and had secret cocktails in jars (I love being back in a normal state where you can get perfectly adequate gin from Trader Joe's for 6.99!). We watched the sunset and played round after round of Mexican Poker and discussed the importance of hanging out together every possible moment. Cause we love each other. And can't think of a nicer way to pass our lives.

Plummy Gin Picnic Cocktail

1 pour of gin

2 pours of sweet vermouth

1/2 plum (very ripe)

dash of honey water

Soda water

Mix a half table spoon of honey with about a half inch of water and simmer over the stove for about a minute, maybe less...just until the honey disappears. Set aside to cool. If you are making these in a jar for easy transport skip the ice (store in freezer until ready to leave). Pour the gin and vermouth into the jar. Next slice the plum over the jar (so you don't lose any of the drippy juices!) and drop a few slices in whole. Take the other slices and squeeze them over the jar and then drop them in too. Add the honey water, to taste. And lastly, fill the jar up with soda water and pop it into the freezer!

I think this would be delicious with some crushed thyme but I didn't have any on hand.