by Chelle

Every year there tend to be three or four posts dealing with the coldness of winter. I already posted about the boots this year. Strike one. But as I got up this morning everything in my being told me to go back to my safe warm bed and stay there until July when the sun comes back. 

I've considered my options. At the moment looking for jobs in California and South Africa seem to be the most practical solution. I mean yes there is the coziness of hot chocolate, open fires, and knitting - all of which I love. (still don't know how to knit, but I dream) However what to do during the day as the sky sits their gloomily and my feet freeze under layers of wool socks and blankets? Well... today I spent an hour sitting in front of one of the old school heaters ... Not the most comfortable, but without a doubt the most warm I've been all winter. 


and then...