Current Reading List

by Chelle


 As usual I have a stack of books sitting by my bed. Ready to go. I never read one book at a time. I generally have five or six going - but you know this already. Anyway this fall I was on quite a kick with reading books. Burning through them in a week or two- I know I know it's takes you a day to read a book... not me. Anyway here's the list:

Mary Poppins - P.L. Travers 

  • I know everyone is reading it right now because of the movie Saving Mr. Banks but there was something about P.L. Travers that I think you'd love! A mixture of feisty, creative, and sensible that was actually perfect. I love Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and for some reason I feel like they might be similar. I'll let you know. 

Moby Dick - Herman Melville 

  • Joel and I found a beautiful copy of this in an antique store for $6. I've always wanted to read it and you mentioned you had to. Winter reading book? 


The Book Thief -  Markus Zusak

  • World War Two. I don't know what it's about but I am very excited. 

The Short Stories - Ernest Hemingway

  • When I need to feel a little somber I'll just read one of these. I do love Hemingway and his bleak in site into the human condition. 

So there are the books for winter reading. What's on your list?