Your Title was way too clever to match

by Chelle

Personality tests are my favorite! Poor Joel has humored me and taken all of the personality tests known to man. What a gem. This picture sums it up. Or it's just a fun memory from our weekend at Ocean Shores. ( We went camping with some friends for one of their birthdays and here are some photos from that.) 

I was laughing as you described your personality results because my options are Hitler and Mother Theresa- so I could really turn out either way. Part of the reason I love these tests so much is that I often feel too complicated to understand and having a test with my results mapped out will help make me understood. True to my INFJ ness. 

It's so funny. Even writing this blog, it's only recently that I feel like I can actually use my voice. The past two years have been working up to being able to just be me. I still keep a little back. Maintain the mystery? In true INFJ form. 

And then we have my Joel. Joel is one of the life of the party types-ENFP. This is one thing I really love about Joel's ENFP - ness

Luckily, ENFPs know how to relax, and they are perfectly capable of switching from a passionate, driven idealist in the workplace to that imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit on the dance floor"

But I know PERSONALITY TYPES DON'T DEFINE US. They are just helpful! I may write back with another test later. How funny that you wrote me about Myers Briggs. He's my favorite. I'll leave you with some pics from the weekend.