Fall Give Away!

by Chelle

Hello Readers! It's time for our very first give away. Here's what you have to do. Comment below with your favorite fashion piece this fall... Here are two of mine. This lovely mustard infinity scarf from H&M, warm and cozy and $12! 


Troopa boots from Steve Madden - I needed boots for walking downtown in the rain to work! I set up the winter wardrobe to fight off the cold and have been the warmest I've ever been! It's taken me five years to learn how to dress for the Seattle rain... but I think I'm finally on my way to my first winter of not freezing for 7 months! 


So comment below! B and I will randomly select a winner and send you ...  Essie base/top coat -essential to a lasting lacquer- and Essie Wicked  - "award-winning. forever stylish. deep, dark sinister red is not for the feint of heart," It's not my typical fall deep purple or B's go to black... but a very rich happy medium we know you will love. Can't wait to hear from you! We will select our winner Sunday evening and announce it on Monday so be sure to comment today before 6pm Sunday, Seattle time!! 


B and Chelle