Fire Escape

by Brittany

There are flowers on the fire escape and I kept them alive until this week. I think that they will revive... they just look like we all feel in this mid 90s humidity. Dried out and yet limp. In the morning when the sun hits was probably the best time to sit out there and read. You can't really go out there this week except late at night... the humidity is a bit too sliceable for we two Pacific North-westerners. But late at night is really the best time to be out there... no one notices you up there... and below you is the new york night of every song. Literally, directly below us are two of the most famous LES music venues, Pianos and Cakeshop (they do serve cake) and Arlene's Grocery is around the corner. A few nights ago a Swedish singer was trying to drum up a crowd and took her show to the street. Regina Spektor sings about Delancey Street in her song That Time and Julian Casablancas has a song straight up about our actual street, Ludlow St. 

The other day I was watering the plants and suddenly wondered what would happen if I missed and poured the water between the bars. So I tried. And a lady cussed at me. But she may be the first person to notice me up there. Maybe it was just a cry for attention. It was fun.