Forgotten Spring

by Brittany

One of the best parts of a new season is planning a new wardrobe... and by new I do not mean new clothes (although I have a few things on my thrifting list to look out for) but rather new combinations of existing items. Most of my clothes used to be a-seasonal... however, since leaving Washington it is more difficult to get away with that. Both Chicago (obviously) and the East Coast have huge temperature fluctuations, and throwing a bit of LA in there, I've ended up having much more diversity in my wardrobe. Sticking to an all black (with a few white and grey neutrals thrown in) does help ease the clothes from season to season but I still find myself rediscovering items that unconsciously got pushed to the back of my closet by disuse. These photos were actually styled and taken last spring (the lingerie look familiar, Chelle?) when I was photographing the cover of your cookbook. But I just this past week rediscovered that white Italian silk tank top and it got me excited for spring... which hasn't really sprung here on the East Coast but it may be trying. Anyways, as I rediscover items I will try to shoot some more shopping-my-wardrobe spring-wear shoots.

A few things I'm looking out for while thrifting are: Platform sandals (the only way I can pull off midi dresses at my height). I like these, these and these.  Chelsea-esque boots (again with a tad more heel than the classic). I like these and these. Black leather jacket (ok these last two I've been looking for all year... not really springy but could work still). I like this one and this one.

What's on your thrifting or otherwise list?