Saturday Post

by Chelle


Hitting the middle of winter and realizing I can't keep wearing the same grey wool sweater until June, as much as I would like to. What to do?

The Hair.  Top knot time. It's January. Cold. And unpredictable. So rather than spend time on hair I throw it up in a top knot and head out for the day.

The Clothes. Layering! Lots and lots of Layering. Wool socks, leg warmers, long-underwear, long sleeves, sweaters, wool, scarves, coats! I am loving infinity scarves. Oh and the t-shirt? Goodwill find this week, great for base layer!

Newest idea to break up the mid-winter monotony:  Brown boots with black leg warmers! Looks very cute when paired with leggings, dress, and big wool sweater! In fact brown, black and navy are my current favorite pairings! 


But in case things are a little bleak add that splash of mustard and smatter of Polka dots! 



We've been getting really excited about the new colors for this year, especially how they meld winter and spring together so well. And that there's no pink... that's a bonus, at least for B! Having these colors chosen is really a wonderful tool for us thrifters (cause who can afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each season?? well, apparently some people can but not us)! Having these target colors to look out for means you can slide right into the newest trends with out breaking the bank. One thing we have to remind ourselves of is not all the colors will flatter us... So don't just get something cause its the it color this season. Evaluate it with your skin, hair, and eye color first!

Here are the colors to look out for when you're thrifting this winter:

pantone 2013.jpg

Chicago Disclaimer: A topknot is not a viable option for super cold weather because it, sadly, does not hold up well under hats. A good hat-do is a low twist ending in a messy side bun or a low pony tail, or even just down and give your hair a good shake when you come inside to avoid weirdly flat hat hair. Not very exciting, I know but necessary. Maybe consider either a bob for winter (that always looks cute and flapperish peeping out from under a hat: see favorite winter hat) or if you love your long hairs get some flattering layers cut into it.


Alright readers. We know you're out there! What's your favorite winter trend at the moment?