Ghost Town

by Brittany


Did you ever do stuff like this? I used to put myself to sleep when I was a kid by populating ideal towns and decorating imaginary homes. Way more interesting than counting sheep... and probably less effective because of its interestingness, oh well!

Last summer we drove through this little town in Wisconsin and it had the most beautiful central triangle... lovely grassy expanse in the middle with trees and space and all around it there were these beautiful little white shops... but they were all empty. It was kind of heartbreaking! Ever since I've populated those shops in my mind... also moved the entire town to the West Coast. Its on the shore now. There is a floral shop, a book seller, a spice and tea shop (like that one in Aix...lots of dusty shelves practically bending under the weight of the odds and ends of spices and that smell...), the ice cream shop is in the middle triangle and there are lots of (indoor but outside) tables and chairs that anyone can sit in, even if they aren't patronizing the shop. In the summer there are movies projected there in the square. There is a beautiful pier that jutes out far into the Sound and every Saturday night (rain or shine) there is a dance on the pier. There's a beautifully divey bar with free pool and random documentaries from the 60s, in French, that play in the background. There is a secret underground gin bar that has swing dancing every night--with a live band. A totally gluten free and everything else free bakery. A huge by the pound thrift store. A bulk foods store. A year round farmers market--on the beach. A wine bar with outdoor seating--in an alley (naturally). And so much grows all the time but always stays a small town. It's sort of magical like that.

All in all it's pretty nice, you would like it, Chelle Belle!