On Turning 26 . . . and why I like gifts

by Chelle

1-3 Brother and Sister-in-law bought me a terrarium. I got to assemble it myself. So fun. I'd been secretly wanting one for ages but felt that they were a bit too trendy. But oh how I love this one! 

4. An Anthropologie candle from Tori. It smells like summer mornings and has the most beautiful little note on the top. I love it especially because I am petrified of the dark. So I'll keep on trying to think of the stars in those moments of blinding fear before I can switch on a light. 

5. Sweet pearl necklace from Mom

6. Hat and shirt from Mr. Man - my he has wonderful taste. 

7. A ring from Dad. Sweet story here. When I was 21 he was deployed but sent me money to buy a ring. Several years ago when I cut my hand I went to the ER and the ring was lost amidst the cotton swabs and stitches. So this year I got to choose a ring to replace that one. It's an emerald because we're in the emerald city. And gold because I think I like gold these days. 

I'll be honest, 26 is the first year I've been afraid of my age. It feels like the slippery slope of Miss to Ma'am and right into the grave. Yes, yes it's me dramatic as ever. But I had a good chat with Joel the night before the dreaded post mid twenties on the brink of late twenties event. He, par his usual optimistic attitude, told me to be excited and happy. I curled up into a tighter ball feeling like this could somehow stop the march of time. 

But the next day I woke up and it felt like just another day. Except there were presents. And though I'll deny it if you ask me straight to my face... I love presents. I love finding them, buying them, wrapping them, giving them, and yes getting them! 

So at 26 I decided to revel in the day. Here are a few photos of some of the lovely gifts. I'll share my thoughts on the importance of giving gifts later. But this is a frivolous joyful post about the special times we get to celebrate and how thankful I am for people I love and getting to celebrate another year!