Glimpses of Spring

by Brittany

IMG_6975 copy.jpg

To be honest, it's more like glimpses of pink, but springtime is the only time of year I find pink remotely acceptable. Probably because, when I was little, the first glimpse of spring was always the cherry trees that lined our street and in the ravine across the street bursting into pink flame around Easter. My dad would walk me across the street to the edge of the ravine on Easter morning before we left for church and he would reach up so tall and pick some blossoms and tuck them into my hair in honor of the Resurrection.

So a lipstick stain on a cup of tea and a lost flamingo feather from the zoo signalled spring in my mind, despite the bitter wind and predictions of snow for tonight. Happy Palm Sunday!


In other news, this week we suddenly got a quixotic yearning for the open road and bought ourselves tickets to Marseille for the first of June. Our lease and Jesse's job are up the end of May and we were planning on spending the summer at home in Washington. But then we realized we have no set job or apartment to hold down and we were moving anyways, so it' the ideal time in our lives to backpack around Europe... visit old haunts and create some new ones!

We have no set plan yet besides arriving in Marseille and towards the end of June we have tickets from Strasbourg to Rome... so we have to make our way to Strasbourg by then! Its so exhilarating to have no set plan and to just go (at least it is for me... I think it's freaking Jesse out a bit)! I've had, not butterflies, but hummingbirds in my stomach (in the joyful way, not the scared way) ever since we bought the tickets, and I've totally forgotten to make dinner almost three nights in a row. So I guess that could be a good thing... by the time we go our stomachs will have shrunk so much from excitement we can spend all our money on travelling and not be bothered by food! 

We are doing this on the cheap big time, making use of programs like Workaway, Couchsurfing, housesitting and, for splurges, our old friend, Airbnb. We have our fingers crossed about a workaway in Portugal and a housesitting in London but haven't heard back from anyone yet, so we are wide open if anyone knows of/ has friends who could give us a place to crash for any amount of time! 

Also, I'm thinking of getting a wide angle lens for my Canon Rebel EOS XTi... anyone have some high quality yet affordable suggestions?? We currently just use our 50 mm lens which is lovely but I would love something more conducive to travel photos!