Gluten Free Makeup

by Brittany in

Recently I have been revamping my makeup to make sure that it is all gluten free... it was much harder than it sounds and so I want to share what I have found out in case you or anyone else who reads this needs to make the switch! (I'm looking at you, Tori B!)


1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (as well as all their other primers!! This was exciting because I didn't have to replace this product) 

2. Hello Flawless powder foundation by Benefit ( another product I didn't have to change!) Shade: Champagne

3. Boi-ing industrial concealer by Benefit (I did have to replace my old concealer with this one, but this is much better than any concealer I've used in the past!) Shade: Light

4. Baked Matte Satin Blush by Lorac (I've had this since my wedding and it turned out to be a safe product... pretty much any makeup I've invested in in the past turned out to be safe but the cheap drug store products have not been.) Shade: Exposed

5. Volume Plumping Mascara by E.L.F. (I was really sad that my mascara had gluten in it and it was actually really hard to find a safe one. There were some people that recommended some companies that were all organic and such but they had terrible reviews--as you would expect. More on that later. Finally, someone said that Arbonne's Tripple Action Mascara was safe and it got good reviews. But when I got it I was really disappointed with it...I guess I have cheap taste in mascara! Elf's mascara is only 3 bucks!!) Shade: Black

* note, there is one mascara by E.L.F. that may have gluten in it: stay away from their Studio Lash Extending mascara.

6. Cream Eyeliner by E.L.F. (This is not as good as my previous glutenous eyeliner, but it's the closest thing to it that I could find...its al-right) Shade: Black

7. Brightening Eye Shadow by E.L.F. (they have so many shadow options that are so cheap!) Shade: Drama

As far as eye products go, I tried Afterglow Cosmetics, an organic and gluten free company, but the products just didn't work. I think that effective makeup and organic products just don't coexist. E.L.F. cosmetics are great for little can find them at Target, also I've seen them at the Big Lots on Pearl in Tacoma. 

For foundation and other face products, Benefit is a great company and while they say in their FAQ section that they cannot guarantee there is no cross-contamination, I have read tons of forums (yikes...lots of craaaaazy people on those things) and there were no reliable reports of reactions to Benefit products. 

Smashbox claims to be a totally safe company, as does Lorac. I have not researched (meaning I have not read tons and tons of forums of crazy people complaining) them as thoroughly, since they were products I already owned, so I didn't need to check for other options. The companies themselves say very confidently that they're safe.  

I realized I forgot my lipstick in that picture... dumb cause that's probably the most important product as far as gluten is concerned!

8. Full-Finish Lipstick by Benefit. Shade: Lady's Choice

Some other safe lipstick companies: Nars, Smashbox, Lorac and E.L.F

There are other companies that are safe or have some products that are safe and when I find new things I will make an updated list! If anyone else has some favorite GF products, let me know in the comments section!