Gluten Free Pizza

by Brittany


I know... its hard to believe but this is completely gluten free! And its better than any normal pizza in the states to boot.  Complete with buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula...its pretty much the best meal I've had in forever!

photo credit: Jesse

photo credit: Jesse


We couldn't wait for a better view... had to eat it while it was hot! We've had pizza a few other times since and I'm sure will have it a few more times too! Got to take advantage of this kind of thing! 

If any other celiacs are in Cagliari don't miss out on Man.gia's pizza!! It's entirely gluten free so there's no risk of cross contamination. Oh and I almost forgot, the first night here we ate in their sit down restaurant and their bread is to die for. I am completely baffled at how they made it. I was afraid to eat it at first because I couldn't believe it was actually gluten free! 


Via Mameli, 196 / A , 09123 Cagliari , SardiniaItaly