Goodbye Los Angeles

by Brittany

By the time you read this we will be halfway across the country soaking up Chicago and all the places and people that we love there. Chicago was really hard to get used to (such a culture shock between there and the PNW) but it was also our first home together. So that makes it very important. Obviously. After a long weekend there we will cross the rest of the country by TRAIN! I am thrilled about that, to say the least. 

Anyways! Here are just a few of the things I cannot wait for:

The 66 bus: I know it’s weird and some would argue, mildly Stockholm Syndrome-y, but I just love that bus! 

Gin & tonics with my amazing friend Karin and her family…including the tiniest one that I cannot wait to meet! I love being with them because they just envelope you into their own everyday life (which is beautiful)! 

Star Lounge: that back patio… reading the Onion and the Reader… iced coffee on tap…

A certain game of freeze tag (with a monster twist, I’m told) that I’ve been promised by the sweetest, most excited boys ever! Also I can’t wait for them to take me around all our old stomping grounds!! (the dirt park, which apparently isn’t so dirty anymore! Maybe even our secret park!)

Alley walking through Ukrainian Village.

Krystal: the best neighbor ever…. We’ve seen so much of her since we moved which is just how friendships should be! (also I have some amazing little presents for her that I cannot wait to give)

And countless other people and places! Chicago was very hard to acclimate to (not just because of the winters) … it was such a culture shock between there and the PNW… but it was also our first home. Aw shucks.