Guest Post: Alyssa Burkhardt on Wedding Registries

by Brittany

A quick introduction: Alyssa is one of my friends from Chicago... we met in our community group and have so much in common! I wish you, Chelle, could meet her! Someday! Anyways, for now you are officially introduced via the blogging world. You can check out her sweet blog, J &A, and you will see a few familiar faces. She took over my nanny job... which is the best thing ever, because she sends me pictures of my sweet (not so) baby boys and we have communal Pinterest fests all through nap times... it's the best. Everyone should get a Pinterest buddy (link to her extremely well curated Pinterest). Which brings me to why she's here! Alyssa has wonderful taste! We (You and I) were talking about registries the other day and I was curious... what are some other ladies' must haves for registries? Here is Alyssa's list! Enjoy!


Hi! I’m Alyssa (:

And those people up there are Husband and I years ago when we first began “us”. Congratulations on getting married to your favorite person! I am so SO excited for you!! You are going to love being married and I think this season of preparation is exceptionally sweet and fun.

So Wedding Registering. Yay! I have to admit when my husband and I began registering I was bewildered. I didn't have a clue what we would need and Bed, Bath, and Beyond just was not my style. But sadly you can't register at antique stores and I know the people that wanted us to register really just wanted some direction in how to love and bless us. So we took up the registering gun thing (so fun!) and registered our little hearts out. We will soon celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss and its sweet to look around our little home and see the gifts from the wedding here and there and everywhere and they have truly been such a blessing and daily reminder of the people who gave them to us.

A lot of my "Registering Musts" are very practical (read boring) but I think it is very important that you register for beautiful things, and beautiful doesn't necessarily mean that crazy expensive dinnerware set from Nordstrom. Beauty is what is made well and you enjoy. We have lived in 3 different homes so far and they have gotten smaller and with less and less storage with each new home. Yeah, I know, we're kind of working backwards... but anyway. Right now we really don't have any kitchen storage which means all of my kitchen things are on display. But we have worked hard to make sure that most of what we own we enjoy for practicality AND for aesthetics. So it works! I've come to really enjoy our storageless kitchen and I think it may be my favorite one so far. Your home will be an expression of you (you, meaning you and husband ;)) and that expression is communicated through the little details of practical every day life together. Such as……

A Beautiful Tablecloth A beautiful tablecloth makes such a difference in creating a home especially if you're going to be moving around a lot. It instantly creates a lovely familiarity to wherever you are and is really versatile. Picnic blanket? Makeshift curtain? Gotcha.

A Good Pot & Pan There's so much more that you can register for the kitchen but I think a good pot and pan takes you very very far.

A Wooden Cutting Board This thing is amazing! You can use this everywhere and for everything! We use it as a plate when we're just having cheese, tomatoes, and bread for dinner. We place it over our sink to create extra counter space. We use it in the summer to eat outside instead of bringing plates out. See? Incredible. Definitely ask for one of these.

A Beautiful Pitcher We received a glass one of these for our wedding and when I opened it I thought "great, I am NEVER going to use this...." then proceeded to use it every single day! I started out using it as a vase actually and that’s where I began to see the beauty in its curves and simplicity and after that it made anything I put in it that much lovelier. It just brings such an air of class. To orange juice, to lemonade in the summer, and those fruity waters where you stick a bunch of fruit in your water and it tastes so much better. Sheesh, you could probably stick soda in there and it would make it look classy.

Chocolate, Lots & Lots of Chocolate Okay, Okay, I know this is way unconventional, but so fun! I think wedding registry's can get very boring and this will bring anyone who reads your registry a laugh and provide your guest with tighter finances something on a smaller scale to bless you with. Think of that sweet little elderly couple who's known you your whole life and still calls you "sweetie pie". Plus, chocolate kisses are awesome. The end.

Nice Sheets Sheets are expensive. Good sheets that will bring you joyous sleep all of your days are VERY expensive. Let's let the millionaire uncle bless you with that gift.

A Cookie Jar A super practical way to show your new husband that you love and adore him and think he's the best ever is to put yummy things in a cookie jar just for him. Well for both of you, because you are going to be one now. And it makes a really cute storage container should your lover not like cookies.

Candles Another way to make anywhere feel like home and bring an air of romance. That and men can be stinky. Romance and stinky don't mix. Candles remedy that. Beautiful Bowls Remember my storageless kitchen?

Beautiful Bowls make a HUGE difference. I used to be all about plastic bowls (I know, I'm ashamed, can we still be friends?) practical and practically destruction proof but really very ugly. They got donated to some poor soul long ago and the pretty bowls are still going strong. And again, you can use them for lots and lots of different things. Are you catching onto the versatility theme yet?

Towels Because you need them.

Knives I would personally recommend skipping the sets and just going for the big cool looking ones. Brittany has the best knives, reeeeeally big and intimidating. You'll probably receive lots of jokes about why you need such big knives, but just smile and look adoringly at your beloved and it will all be ok.

A Record Player So I actually don’t know if you can register for this or not…. but if you can you definitely should! You could have nothing else in your new home together other than some yummy food, candles, and music, and it will be the best home you have ever known.

So there you go! This is all I think you need to be happily married materially speaking. Well this and a few other things (silver ware, plates, furniture, etc. etc.) but everything else you can get at thrift stores and it will be way cooler and more personal than anything at Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You don't need much, all you really need is love anyway (;

So excited for you! Hope you have a blast shooting everything with the registry gun!