Happy May Day

by Chelle

Spring has been quite interesting. I’ve not worked in an office before and the 8-5 is finally beginning to agree with me. Granted it feels like the most creatively stifling life choice I have ever made. But I think that it will be fine. The occasional personal day away with cook books, paint brushes, or hikes should allow for enough inspiration that posts will soon be more frequent again. Who am I kidding… what I really mean is the occasional day at home in my pajamas will get those posts going!

Thankfully the man – another new addition- is rather good at planning things and I end up in the most lovely little bars and breakfast places as well as watching basketball games –(apparently Michel Jordan is no longer playing so that concludes anything useful I can contribute to a sport-ish conversation) and going to parks and beaches (in winter jackets and rain boots still… oh Seattle you bitch.)

Anyway … things that have made this new schedule more agreeable include:

  • Learning to ride the bus by myself (Public transportation scares the h… scares me quite a bit in Seattle
  • Bringing my lunch to work – Callie (the roommate) and I have it down to a fine art. 
  • Setting goals for pinterest ... yes. Answering the phone is fantastic and riviting but sometimes I need a little more stimulation and I've added over 700 pins in the last month. I'm sure that's a good thing.

I will update the pictures later. For some reason I am not being allowed to add photos at the moment. But I promised a post today and a post you will have!