Heidelberg on the mind

by Chelle

Joel recently asked me where I was from. He was teasing me because he knew my answer would be, "no where." And I stand by that. I grew up moving all the time so it feels like to choose a particular place to be from would be unfair to all the other places which were equally as important. The other reason I don't choose anywhere is that somedays I get so homesick for Heidelberg and other days it's somewhere else. These pictures are from last summer when I spent a few fantastic months with some good friends in Heidelberg. The day I took these pictures I went for a walk downtown and there was a massive rain storm. Everyone pulled out their umbrellas or crowded together under the eves of the store fronts. It was so funny coming from Seattle where an umbrella marks a tourist. Anyway today I'm missing Germany a little bit, it's the good kind of miss where you're happy that you got the chance to be there.  No particular captions for the pictures, just things I saw that I thought were lovely.