How to wed: Getting a vision

by Chelle

You and I are both pretty visual and I think a lot of times we need inspiration before we can act. So I guess this won’t be helpful to everyone but if you need pictures and a place to get your ideas out… then this is a good place to start. PINTEREST.

I began with a board that was just everything I liked about weddings. Unfortunatly I was organizing my pinterest boards the other day and I deleted it or I would’ve included a snap shot below. But you get the general idea. Collect inspiration from all over the place. Then refine.

I was talking to you in December about what I wanted. Cream dresses and green bouquets. That’s all I said and you said, what about


It was the blog post from Miss  Moss’s wedding day- in South Africa non the less. And it was exactly what I’d been thinking.  So I picked this picture and built the day out form there. I didn’t want an exact replica of her day, it was after all her day and each thing was specially chosen and designed to reflect who she and her man are. But having an inspiration go to picture was very helpful. I gave the girls a color pallet to work from. I found this great website and used a picture that generated the shades I'd envisioned. My ladies are great, because they are graciously accommodating my less than clear instructions... but I think everything will come together beautifully! 

Girls color pallet.jpg

From there I told my girls – the fantastic 8- I’d like them to find knee length lace cream dresses. I gave them some inspirational pictures and links to dresses on modcloth, anthropologie, and jcrew. But I wanted everyone to work within their own budget and style. The results so far have been very exciting. I feel like each lady has found a beautiful dress they are excited to wear. Same with the shoes, but they can vary on those, just using the light color pallet. 

I had an idea of what'd the guys would wear but wanted it to be Joel's call. When he brought it up he said, " I was thinking rascals." I was a bit skeptical an then he showed me this picture:

photo (4).JPG

Which developed into this: 

The Men.jpg

The style he was describing was 1920's and exactly what I had hoped. We then drafted a style board and sent it out to the great 8 - Joel's men: 

The Pallat.jpg

So that's where we started.