Your People

by Chelle

photo (2).jpg

I think these photos are some of my favorite! They're from when Mom lived in England with her best friend Kate. Love the big leather bag, the mini cooper, the old english sheep dog, the stone wall in the background, and the smoke coming out of the chimneys. What I love even more that is Mom get's to see Kate every year or two and I've grown up knowing her as Aunty Kate.

I've been stuck in the nostalgic pensiveness of turning twenty five and will snap out of it tomorrow I promise. But humor me here for a minute.  

Recently Dad and I were talking. He said it's good to have "your people." The ones who know you really well and will be your sounding board. They have to be people you trust, who get you and know you. Then as life goes you walk it with them, and they can talk through things with you and know you and their words have weight. He said you don't want to waste that and it takes work to keep those friendships going, but it's worth it! You've got a few good ones, like B, so take care of them. 



P.S. Readers- Tell us about your friends! I love stories!!