Iceland for 24 Hours

by Chelle

Things to do in Iceland if you're doing a quick stopover

  1. Rent a car. We rented our car from the Herz at the airport and they were open at midnight when we landed. We drove around Reykjavik listening to Sigur Rós, which is one of Joel's favorite bands. It was so light out it felt like a waste to go to sleep. 
  2. First stop in the morning was the Blue Lagoon. TIP: before you leave on your trip, make sure to reserve a spot. If you wait till you arrive they might be full! We went at 9 am, which is when the lagoon opens, and it was pretty empty. We stayed for around 2 hours and it was just starting to get busy when we left. Another TIP: Don't get your hair wet. I did and it was pretty tangly and dry for a few days. They suggest putting conditioner in it and leaving it in when you go in, even so... tangles. It was better in a few day's though, so if you can't resist it works out just fine.  
  3. Then we drove around. It's beautiful.