If I can make a Gas Pipe Shelving Unit ... YOU CAN TOO!

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It’s an amazing feeling being totally alone but completely surrounded. I mean this in a good way – not the paralyzing lonely way that you sometimes feel in a room full of people – but more the cozy little top floor apartment where you can sit on your coach and quietly soak up the mid winter sun that has decided to appear in Seattle for a minute or two– and just be. It makes me want to live in this apartment FOREVER! 

Of course we are on the top floor so there is the advantage of not being able to hear the cacophony of shoes, feet, furniture moving, things being dropped, or cats running laps around the apartment at midnight (PENNY!) that our neighbors downstairs might hear from time to time.

There are pros and cons to apartment living. A laundry machine would be nice. But I don’t like yard work. But I would like a chicken coup one day. And a closet isn’t an ideal nursery – but I could figure out how to make it work if I needed to – but I don’t right now. And then there’s the storage.

Our apartment was built in the 1900’s. And though they did include plenty of space for storing things – I think men and women had fewer clothes because no matter how many times Joel and I pair down our closet it always seems to be full to the brim so we decided to do a little DIY apartment renovation with the help of our friends at Dunn DIY.

This was a really cool experience as I was able to take a picture I had in my mind – put it on paper, walk into a shop and get Adam – a Dunn Lumber genius-  to go over the plan, help figure out what materials we would need, order all the materials, and then have the wood cut to the exact size we’d need it in the shop. Because we were working with Dunn DIY they created a “How to make your own Gas Pipe Shelves” guide that I’ll share with you once it's published (I'll update this link asap!). 

The team came over one morning, we went over the steps and Kirstin made one unit while Joel and I made the second unit. She was just the cutest thing ever - adorable vintage style, bright red nails, so cute- and then she whips out a drill and assembles this awesome shelf unit. I was pretty impressed. 

Quirks of an old apartment - the shelf may look a little tilted and it's because the apartment floor actually is slanted. We couldn't figure out why it wasn't level until we realized - it WASN'T user error.... it was just the quirks of a 1900's apartment. 

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