In Heels

by Brittany

I've been re-realizing how fun it is to wear do any old thing! Like thrifting (pictured), grocery shopping, cooking, movie night, stopping traffic the Italian way, pretty much anything except nannying. Nannying is excepted because it looks a bit irresponsible... if you're a mom you can get away with it but nannying at a park in the middle of winter in heels, well that doesn't fly typically, sorry Bringing Up Bebe lady! (but she wasn't talking about nannies so its still ok).


Also, heels work almost as well as my last name for getting stuff done...I guess that's why business woman wear them. But seriously, customer service improves about fifty percent...some places one hundred and one percent and it becomes obnoxious.

So yup, because of these I very successfully got some Christmas records (Bing Crosby...yay for Tacoma!) for our party this Friday. I guess as far as thrifting goes the heel benefit is more mental but it does help if you're trying things on!! (makes a huge difference!!) 

Coming soon I will post my top reads of 2012...stay tuned!

For now, the blogger at Things&People has a beautiful collection of people and things... each person featured choses one thing and tells its story. Its lovely.