Inside an Italian Apartment

by Brittany


The Airbnb apartment we are staying in here is just how you would imagine an Italien apartment... sophisticated, high ceilings, vast old windows with sweeping views of the Mediterranean, cool tiled hallways with art nouveau tiles... and the kitchen is my favorite part: 


I didn't know what I was missing out on till I saw these chairs... I completely adore them and they are even comfortable too! I'm definitely going to make it a life goal to find these chairs and make them mine. 


I don't know if you noticed but way up in that first picture there are chocolate croissants... totally gluten free! Weasels! We will be stuffing a package into our backpacks to take to Paris for my mom and Gillian (squashed croissants are better than no croissants)! 

So this is where we are this week. For the first few days we had it entirely to ourselves and then we were joined by a lovely Lithuanian couple also here on holiday! It's been fun getting to know them over wine and pizza late into the night on the balcony and we also spent the day with them at a secret cove beach... pictures coming this weekend!!  

xo, B